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Media and Candidates Disasterous Debate Performance

FromTheFields Monday July 1, 2024

Report From the Fields

Hi, this is Richard Fields with this week's Report From the Fields. It has been abundantly clear for over a year that Joe Biden suffers from dementia...and that it is rapidly getting worse. It also is completely obvious that the New York Times and the Washington Post along with the major broadcast and cable TV networks have been purposely running cover for Biden's senility, calling it all right wing propaganda. All of these media outlets are mouthpieces for the self-appointed elites who control the Federal government's Executive branch and the majority of the Legislative branch.

But, government controlled media cannot hide everything. There are still enough independent and financial media outlets with cameras and mikes. They recorded enough Joe Biden faux pas to convince me over a year ago that the odds were that Joe Biden would not be the Democratic candidate for President this year. The debate proved beyond any reasonable doubt that Joe Biden's dementia is getting really obvious. Democratic Party kingmakers are now discussing multiple scenarios to replace Biden at the top of the ticket. All those government mouthpiece media outlets mentioned above are dutifully calling for Biden to withdraw from the race.

Biden's loss of the debate is not a result of his command of the issues. Both Trump and Biden lied incessantly about the cause and importance of federal deficits, about taxes, about immigration and border control, about the war in Ukraine, about the trespassing by Trump supporters of the Halls of Congress on January 6 and about each other's crimes. Biden lost the debate because TV is a visual medium. And as Marshall McLuhan explained in The Media is the Message, in TV video is what counts. We saw an hour and a half video of Biden unable to finish sentences, staring blankly into space while Trump was talking, stuttering and otherwise making himself look, well, demented. That image won't go away in the minds of voters no matter how much the media tries to explain it or turn the focus back on Trump. Trump, on the other hand, told his usual lies with conviction and wit. He was a much more convincing liar.

It's easy to see why both Democrats and Republicans conspired to keep all other candidates off the stage. The well-spoken, photogenic and 38 year old young Libertarian Chase Oliver would have made mince meat out of both Trump and Biden. Even the one-note-symphony vaccine hater, RFK would have appeared to be a lot more reasonable than the octogenarian clowns the Democrats and Republicans have presented us with.

Unfortunately, the names being floated by the Democrats to replace Biden, Gavin Newsome, Kamala Harris and even Hillary Clinton are just as bad and in some ways worse on policy than Biden.

That's this week's Report From the Fields. I'm Richard Fields. See you again next week.

Deep State, Deep Trouble

FromTheFields Tuesday June 25, 2024

My comments today owe 100% credit to Jeffrey Tucker of Brownstone Research. He is one of the most astute analysts of the intersection of politics and the economy writing today. As a result, his work is widely censored. He is the painstaking researcher who pieced together a credible theory of why then-President Trump did a 180 in the early days of the pandemic, pivoting from it's just the flu to lockdowns, masking and elevating Fauci to rock star health guru.

As part of that research he has come up with a very incisive way of describing how government and big business actually work. We've all heard the phrase "deep state". It's a term that is alternately ridiculed as conspiracy by legacy media and then described as a very good thing by the New York Times. Tucker goes deeper in his analysis and defines terms better than I have seen anywhere else.

He defines the deep state as the intelligence and security agencies that coordinate closely with law enforcement agencies. They operate largely without media scrutiny. Included would be the CIA, DHS, FBI, NSA, CISA, NSC and more than a dozen others along with their government funded foundations, think tanks and private sector cutouts. Deep means clandestine and that's the way they operate.

The middle state is otherwise known as the administrative state. Over 400 different civilian letter agencies with 2 million+ employees who, because of civil service protection and union rules, cannot be fired. The infamous Dr. Fauci is a prime example. The President can appoint a few hundred agency heads but the actual institutional knowledge and power resides with the career bureaucrats who mostly do whatever they want...or nothing at all. The political appointees are here today, gone tomorrow. The permanent bureaucrats do what they want and barely pay attention to their politically appointed "bosses".

Tucker goes on to describe what he calls the shallow state. This is where the turnstyle between big government and big business becomes the most obvious. The word state is effectively expanded to include businesses operating at the pleasure of the state, whether on government contracts, the use of regulations to stymie their competitors or using the threat of regulatory extortion to tell them that they must do whatever their government masters want them to do if they want to stay in business. The term turnstyle refers to high ranking employees in regulated industries moving fluidly from their business to the agency regulating their business and then back again.

Government contractors are most obvious in the defense sector, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and General Dynamics, etc.The FDA keeps pharmaceutical companies in lockstep, Moderna, Pfizer, Eli Lilly etc. Pharma's gigantic advertising budgets make sure legacy media never blows the whistle on them, witness the rapid FDA approval of COVID vaccines which were not as effective as claimed and had serious side effects. Also they were not actual vaccines but gene modification treatments.

Many other large companies that don't come to mind as government contractors, in fact, are. Amazon Web Services has upwards of $20 billion in contracts with the NSA, the U.S. Navy and is the host of the Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability contract. Their product search algorithms disfavor government disapproved products and services, The dairy lobby works with the U.S.Department of Agriculture to prevent competition from raw milk producers. The government mouthpiece New York Times chimes in calling raw milk a right wing hobby horse when anyone with any sense of history can tell you that consuming raw milk is a lefty thing.Even family doctors were paid bounties for pushing the COVID vaccine. Microsoft has upwards of $32 billion in defense contracts. Its LinkedIn division helped push lockdowns. Academia, which directly or indirectly receives most of its funding from the government , enthusiastically pushed lockdowns to the educational detriment of at least two classes of students.

And, of course, the whole monetary system is used to levy what is effectively a 2% sales tax on everyone while playing favorites with its too big to fail financial institutions.

Whether it's the deep state, the middle state or the shallow state, we're all in thrall to the state. And it's not a good thing; Sooner or later, in the latter stages of empire, it ends in collapse. We may be getting closer than you might think. That's this week's Report From the Fields. I'm Richard Fields. See you again next week.

Unveiling the Voter’s Voice: Europe’s Shift Away from Green Deal Politics

FromTheFields Tuesday June 18, 2024

Abraham Lincoln famously said, "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." Recent elections in Europe prove this point. It's becoming clear that a whole lot of voters are no longer being fooled by climate change hysteria.

Elections were held throughout the Eurozone for seats in the European Parliament recently. Parties on the right and center-right gained seats at the expense of liberal and green parties which were decimated. Center Left and Center Right parties representation was largely unchanged. For the last five years, the European Parliament in Brussels has made the Green Deal its primary issue. Voters from all over Europe said no more. The hard-core climate warming alarmists are no longer scaring all the people. They are scaring a dwindling portion of some of the people.

Farmers throughout Europe have been vocally and visibly protesting Brussels' new and proposed carbon dioxide reducing regulations for months. Yes, you are correct that the visibility of the farmer's protests has not made it onto the nightly news in the United States. But it's been all over X which is now reputedly the world's largest propagator of news. Precisely because it is mostly uncensored. And if you are in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Britain and many other European countries it has been impossible to not notice the massive tractor blockades on European streets and the spreading of manure on the doorsteps of green deal enforcers.

Green party losses in France and Germany dropped the rank of the Green bloc in the European Parliament from fourth to sixth.The Green allied Renew Europe party was decimated. The party, led by Emmanuel Macron in France lost badly to parties on the right. It no longer exists in Spain and also lost seats in Estonia, Romania and Denmark.

What's the takeaway for American elections this fall? If anyone is listening, it's clear that a full-throated refutation and promise to reverse the green new scam, will be an effective campaign message. The Democrats are clearly in the camp of trying to fool some of the people some of the time. Trump is trying out the phrase "green new scam". But he also promised to drain the swamp and ended up nearly drowning in it. RFK won't do anything with the issue given his background as an environmental lawyer. Could be a breakthrough issue for Chase Oliver? I'm Richard Fields with this week' s Report From the Fields. See you again next week.

The Clash of Libertarian Philosophies: A Look at the 2024 Presidential Nominee

FromTheFields Wednesday June 12, 2024

A couple of weeks ago in this commentary, I mentioned that one of Libertarian Party Presidential 2024 nominee Chase Oliver's challenges would be gaining cooperation from the Mises Caucus dominated Libertarian National Committee. It looks like that is happening.

Oliver espouses the traditional classical liberal philosophy of libertarianism. He is reasonably pro-immigration, free trade, supports a woman's right to choose on abortion, and as a out gay man opposes the cultural wars attacks on people who identify as anything other than heterosexual. The Mises Caucus is not any of those things. Many of them are closet Trump supporters on the lesser of two evils theory. This was just glaringly illustrated by LNC Chair Angela McArdle's comments during a livestream on June 3. She said, "I endorse Chase Oliver as the best way to beat Joe Biden. Get in, loser. We are stopping Biden. That's what I think. That's what I think this campaign is about." She went on to effectively endorse Trump, saying, "Donald Trump said he's going to put a Libertarian in a cabinet position. He came out and spoke to us; he said he's a Libertarian. He has basically endorsed us." She added, "I am going to work very aggressively, especially in Blue states to make sure (Oliver) has the support he needs from the national party. I encourage people to use the Chase Oliver campaign to try and pull protest votes from the left.

She actually put on a clown nose and said, "I know, I know. It's a total clown show thing. Well I'm 100% here for that clown show."

I'm not. When McArdle invited Trump and RFK Jr. to speak to the Libertarian National Convention, I said the LP is beclowning itself. I did not know how literal that statement actually would turn out to be.Trump and Biden (or the functionaries who manage to keep him erect most of the time) are both evil. Equally evil. There is no purpose in the LP effectively trying to change the outcome of the election to the lesser of two evils when lesser doesn't exist. Trump is evil on trade, immigration, drugs, overspending and a whole lot more. Biden is equally evil on those issues and a whole lot more. The correct function of a political party is to win elections. To that end, Oliver's goal of getting 3 or 4% of the vote is too modest. The goal at the very least should be for Olvier and Kennedy between the two of them to get enough votes to force the election into the House of Representatives. Then we could get out the popcorn. I'm Richard Fields and that is this week's Report From the Fields. See you again next week..

Echoes of the Past: Navigating the Precipice of a Nuclear Era

FromTheFields Wednesday June 5, 2024

Paraphrasing Mark Twain, history does not repeat. But it does rhyme. The rhyming we are seeing points to a repeat of World War I & II. Only this time it will probably be nuclear.

Except in hindsight, neither WWI nor WWII had a particular starting point. The hindsight starting point for WWI was the assasination of Archduke Ferdinand of Serbia which had to do with an attempt to unite Bosnia and Herzegovina with Serbia. There were two opposing alliances at the time, the Triple Entente consisting of France, Britain and Russia which was also allied with Serbia. The other main alliance was the Central Powers consisting of Italy, Germany and Austria-Hungary.

The assasination of the Archduke took place on June 28, 1914. In response, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. That caused Russia to mobilize because of their alliance with Serbia. But, remember, Germany was allied with Austria-Hungary so they declared war on Russia and France. Britain, which was allied with France and Russia then declared war on Germany. This all happened within about
6 weeks. Later, due to the perfidy of Woodrow Wilson, the United States, who had no dogs in this European fight, entered the war on the side of Britain and France.

In WWII the alliances were Germany, Italy and Japan versus, ultimately, pretty much the rest of the world. Germany, resentful of the peace treaty imposed upon them at Versailles, elected Hitler who promptly invaded Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. He tried to defeat Britain from the air in the Battle of Britain. Meanwhile, Japan had been busy with military expansion in Asia since the early 1930s. They invaded Manchuria, French Indo-China, China, Korea and India. And remember, they were allied with Germany and Italy. By 1937 the United States had terminated its commercial treaty with Japan and tightened its export control act, One result of the U.S. trade war initiatives was cutting off a large source of Japan's access to petroleum. In response Japan bombed Pearl Harbor bringing the U.S.. into a second World War where again, we had no dogs in the fight.

Today the alliances are the North American Treaty Organization, NATO, consisting of most of Western Europe and the United States. On the other side is an alliance of Russia and China with a lot of cooperation from Iran, India and possibly the OPEC countries. Most of the rest of the world are looking to see which direction the wind blows. The Obama administration's CIA covertly backed a coup in Ukraine which deposed the duly elected President of Ukraine who was more aligned with Russia than the West. Later, discussions with the new Ukraine government included admitting Ukraine into NATO.In response Russia massed its troops on the borders of Ukraine. The Biden administration along with Britain, actively torpedoed ongoing peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia leading to the current proxy war which Ukraine is losing. Now people who run the Biden administration have okayed allowing Ukraine to use U.S. manufactured missiles to attack the interior of Russia. Meanwhile, Biden's handlers have doubled down on Trump's trade restrictions on China. Remember, China is Russia's new best friend. The rhymes with history are there. Step by step we are escalating a conflict. And once again, we have no dogs in this fight. Unfortunately, we are getting past the rhyming part. WWIII will not be fought with M-15s, tanks, jet fighters and bazookas. It could very well be fought with nuclear weapons. Libertarians know that other than a few weapons manufacturers and battlefield medical suppliers, we all lose from war. In WWII we could all lose permanently. This is Richard Fields with this week's Report From the Fields. See you again next week, I hope.