Libertarian Counterpoint

Regulatory Overreach and Market Mayhem

admin Thursday May 23, 2024

In this thought-provoking episode of Libertarian Counterpoint, James Just and John Cameron delve into the intricate web of regulatory burdens that affect our daily lives. From zoning laws that stifle diversity to the controversial science behind nuclear regulation, they uncover how excessive control can lead to unintended consequences. The discussion also sheds light on the burgeoning black market for rentals, a direct result of the ongoing war on landlords. The episode doesn’t shy away from tough topics, including the recent court defeat of an FTC theory proposed by Lina Khan, the stonewalling of Biden’s SBA officials over an alleged election scheme, and the scrutiny of conspiracy theories surrounding the “Twitter Files Brazil.” Plus, an audit committee’s review of Newsom’s return-to-office mandate and the CIA’s plans for ad tracking data are also on the table. Tune in for an unfiltered analysis of how these issues impact freedom and privacy.

Show Notes: Libertarian Counterpoint 1709